About Me

JG4A4687Born and raised in Orange County, CA, I love to dance, surf, read and craft.   I’m a retired wedding florist who is now a stay at home mom to Sisi and Matteo.  I met my brilliant husband Joe at church (he wooed me with his theology among other things!)   He’s not an HSP (highly sensitive person), but he is a gentle soul. My whole family has been on the paleo diet for 4 years. I’m also a minimalist who likes to keep it simple.  I despise clutter of all sorts (physical, emotional, spiritual.)

I am off the charts HSP according to the self-quiz.  I marked every single item enthusiastically. I read The Highly Sensitive Person and got goosebumps, it was so me.  “So that explains it!” I kept saying out loud.  So that’s why I dread parties, hate scary movies, can barely kill a spider without apologizing first, and can smell the milk turning rancid long before the expiration date.  I love writing and reflecting.  I love mommy friends.  I love connecting with other HSPs. Therefore, this blog was just meant to be!

About my children:

My 4 year old daughter Sisi is an HSC (Highly Sensitive Child), so I can relate to her well. Sisi is considerate, thoughtful, independent, creative, and very cautious.  She is especially sensitive to emotional stimuli.  There is so much going on behind those mesmerizing green eyes.  In some ways, this makes her both easier and more challenging to parent. Also, FYI, she’s worn a tail everyday for 2 years because she’s a dog named Hoggie.


My baby boy Matteo is still a wee one, so I don’t want to label him.  However, I have a hunch that he is closer toward the extraverted,  non-HSP side.  He is giggly, vocal, mellow and curious. His head looks like a fuzzy caterpillar and his eyes are so intense and thoughtful. I’m told he has “comical” eyebrows.

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