Packing Light: My Diaper Bag

everlane diaper bagBaby in the front, backpack on the back, and hands free to help my 4 year old cross streets.  That’s how we roll.

Keeping track of our stuff- packing it, unpacking it, digging through it- makes me so flustered.  I can be a little scatter brained when I’m overstimulated, so I lose things a lot. I’d rather focus my energy on my kiddos and the task at hand (errands, playdates, whatever) than on my stuff.  Too much stuff just weighs me down physically and mentally.   I love having everything I need on my back so I can pretty much forget about it.thanks for your support!

I chose a super simple zip up backpack from everlane (<–this is my referral link, thanks!)  It is sleek, sturdy, smartly designed, and like all Everlane products, ethically made. Also, it’s gender neutral so husbands shouldn’t mind carrying it around.  I might get one for Joe and the mini version for Sisi!

top: main pocket. bottom: front zipper pocket.
top: main pocket. bottom: front zipper pocket.

Here is what I always carry:

  • 2 water bottles (contigo and contigo kids stainless steel bottles have stood the test of  time for us! Plus, the water isn’t sitting in plastic all day.)
  • lunch box (omie box is amazing!)
  • nursing cover
  • shoes for Sisi (she’s usually barefoot so I am always forgetting to pack shoes)
  • 3-4 diapers
  • grocery bag for dirty diaper
  • onesie (burt’s bees has cute/cheap organic onesies)
  • wipes (water wipes– the best for his bum!)
  • antibacterial wipes (these ones are all natural)
  • wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone
  • tissues
  • mints (special treat for Sisi on car rides and doubles as a baby rattle in a pinch)
  • a few baby toys
no editing at all- this is exactly what was in my bag at the moment.
no editing at all- this is exactly what was in my bag at the moment.

As you can see, it’s just the essentials, and it all fits neatly into my backpack with room to spare.  Now, HSPs are usually thinking a few steps ahead, and like to be prepared.  I keep things like an extra change of clothes for me, extra diapers, sun hat, chapstick, and baby powder in my car because it’s nice to have backup supplies nearby.  But I really don’t need to tote those things around everywhere I go, so I don’t.

everlane backpack
the perfect backback

Update 10/18/2016:  I still use this backback every day, have washed it numerous times in the washing machine (hung outside to dry), and it is still in wonderful condition.  I get compliments on it all the time.



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